Non-Duality and Duality


‘Non-Duality’ is our Deepest Spiritual Essence, our Core, our Centre… our Pure-Conscious Home.

‘Duality’ is the expression of this. Out in the particular forms and ways of the life we inhabit.

We Exist in both worlds.

The Totality of Life Itself, and our unique expression of this.

We are Divine Universal Truth, and its apparently separate, individual experience.

Spiritual Oneness, and physical separation in this time-space world.

The Whole and the part… held in the Oneness at Heart.

One Sun Shining in many rays… We Are One… and many… and One.


Pure Consciousness, in exploration. Dancing Its Own Creation! Our Creation!

This book presents a Way of Seeing Divinity and Ourselves.

Directly Realising, we see our Deeper Selves- our Deeper Self- as Divinity.

We are here to encounter perspectives- and Perspective- on Spirituality, and Life’s Meaning.

Liberating our experience in- and to!- the Love That We Are.

This is an Integration of Non-Duality and duality. It is not an exclusion of ‘One’ or ‘the other.’

It is an exploration of Consciousness and Self. In One there is no difference. Only in the world of separation does anything appear ‘different,’ ‘outside,’ or ‘other.’

These short essays aid an understanding of Life for the Spiritual Seeker… equipping us with the knowledge we need to live in the Wholeness of our Core, in ourselves, and out in the world.

For those who might already ‘know,’ this Truth is enriched, strengthened, and shared. It is brought to life with new insight, and fresh clarity.

The words return us to Our Self.

Come back,

come back,

come back…

Come back to your Self!

And we see- the Truth is oh so simple. Simpler than our complex minds would suggest- and yet given definition by those very same minds and amazing organic bodies.

This book stands as an accompaniment to each reader’s own Journey, providing Spiritual Guidance and Sustenance, as we feel into Truth through our own Direct Felt Experience.

For where else?

This is Deep Universal Spirituality. Timeless and new. Timelessly Now.

It is a Universal Synthesis of Mystical Ancient Truth. Presented in new form.

Oneness and You, Here and Now.

The Universal Wisdom of Being-

The Heart of the Mysteries.

This One Great Mystery, We Are!

(Written in early 2016 and released 1st January 2017, ‘Non-Duality and Duality,’ stands as Nathan’s first publication. However, it is not his first book. More to follow…)

Nathan Godolphin is the author of ‘we are awakening…,’ a book that heralds the impulse behind all his books- to awaken to our Spiritual Truth within, and live it out in the world. This is the marriage of Non-duality and duality- Essence and substance- the Whole and the part- Heaven and Earth. Spiritual Awareness is his passion, his cause, and his focus in life. Nathan works as a Yoga Teacher and Dance Movement Facilitator in Brighton, UK. He has travelled and lived abroad extensively, and has a first class degree from University College London.

All Nathan’s work is in service to what he sees as The Universal Spiritual Core of Life. The Truth beyond the construct. The Universal beyond only the partial. It is Self Realisation, through the asking of the simple but direct question: ‘Who Am I?’

Beyond any name, form or label, Nathan’s message is clear: The Path is the practice of Being True to your Self. Aligning to your truth is aligning to Life’s Truth- and as we come back to ourselves, Truly, Life comes back to Itself. For we are Pure Consciousness, experiencing Itself. There is no separation but for what we invent, or imagine, for the purpose of experience.

The ‘Way of Seeing’ put forward in his books is ‘Meaning of Life’ material. It shows us that- when we are aligned with the Knowledge of Who We Really Are- ‘little separate self’ and ‘Big Universal Self’ are not two, but One… That liberation is Here and Now, not in past or future or some other place… And that we are all on a Divine Journey of Who We Are, which is at once Spiritual, organic, personal, Universal, and day-to-day.

This is the Journey from Centre to edges, and back again.